Zealousness Versus Equanimity

Tackling problems fervently, actively, and enthusiastically, as a zealot or with an even mind and temper (Aequanimitas, Osler) is linked to how to encourage participation and keenness to get involved and reward altruism and charity, while promoting anti-corruption, equity and human rights. Osler’s views on science were clearly stated,  ‘ It is organised knowledge of things that have been observed, a saturation with its spirit, will give you that most precious of all faculties- a sane, cool reason which enables you to sift the true from the false in life and at the same time, keeps you in the van of progress.’ He wrote that to be scientific reveals the truth, and progress in medicine depends on it, but cannot explain the effect of the emotions and the influence of the spiritual. ‘ The practice of medicine requires knowledge and skill, frequently labelled as the science and art of medicine, yet, knowledge and skill are incomplete without the steadying infrastructure of humanistic values and objectives.’

Warning How does one take Skin Care to the patient with zeal and at the same time equanimity? Often there is not enough zeal or it is misplaced. It is clear that ‘what’s in it for me’ determines whether people buy into public health, and this is based in the emotional centre of our brain. Magnetic resonance imaging has shown that decision making mostly is initiated in the most primitive parts of the brain and are initially emotional rather than rational. They may even be subconscious.

Action ‘To you – the silent workers of the ranks, in villages and country districts, in the slums of our large cities, in the mining camps and factory towns, in the homes of the rich and in the hovels of the poor – to you is given the harder task of illustrating, with your lives, the Hippocratic standards of learning, of sagacity, of humanity and of probity.’ Osler

What is more important than compensation? Is it challenge, self development, making a difference or being appreciated?

"When I was a student I was a bit of a campaigner, now I work in fundraising and it’s great to see resources go where it’s needed"